Chris Van Buren - Hope and Destiny (updated on April 1, 2016)

Chris van Buren is a spacesynth and italodance producer from the Netherlands.

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He was born in the city of Rotterdam in June 1971.

In the early nineties he was producing housemusic and hardstyle but now he’s back and produces the music he loves best.

Bringing you covers and originals in Italodance and Spacesynth style. Inspired by artists like Koto and Laserdance his tracks are now evolving into his own specific sound.

Koto Covers

Laserdance Covers 


 On his YouTube channel, are found also cover for the songs like I Like Chopin by Gazebo, I Feel Love by Donna Summer and  even a megamix of songs Rofo.

As an independent music artist, in  february 2016 was published on CDBaby, the first songs called Destination Mars and  Aim for the Moon .

In march 2016, Chris Van Buren has a brand new release out now. 
It is called Hope and Destiny.

Chris Van Buren - Hope and Destiny

All tracks on this album are somehow inspired by the exploration of planets with orbiters,
landers and rovers.  Hope and Destinyis a story about the exploration of space and the 
search for extraterrestrial life.


1. The Limits of Our Frontier
2. Destination Mars
3. Spirit
4. Opportunity
5. Jupiter Rising
6. Project Orion
7. Curiosity
8. Sojourner
9. Mission Juno
10. Hope and Destiny
11. Odyssey
12. Aim for the Moon (Remix)
13. Destination Mars (Remix)

PromoMix | Hope and Destiny


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